TOP 4 Places to visit in srilanka

  1. Colombo lotus tower(Symbolic Landmark of Srilanka)
  2. Red mosque in pettah
  3. Sigiriya
  4. Adams peak

1. Colombo lotus tower (Symbolic Land mark of Srilanka)

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka. Colombo lotus tower aka NELUM KULUNA is the tallest self-supported structure in south Asia. 11 th taller tower in south Asia and the 19th tallest tower in the world. There is a beautiful night view of the lotus tower. This becomes a symbolic landmark of Srilanka. Lotus tower is the epitome of Srilanka cultural identity.

The first floor consists of VIP lounge and second floor consist of a large exhibition hall. it’s roof floor is amazing it is situated 15 meters off the ground. Can witness the entire Colombo city in the sky and bare lake too. And this self-supported Tower all so consist of high-speed lift for travel upward very smoothly.

In bud there is a banquet hall to celebrate in the sky with the capacity of 300 – 400 guests. We can have a panoramic view of Colombo city from the observation deck. You can experience a beautiful view of Colombo in the heart of Colombo city.

Height of this tower is about 350 m. And this was built with the purpose of telecommunication tower.

red mosque in pettah colombo

Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid (Red Mosque) situated in the oldest part of Colombo city. This is a very beautiful place to visit in the heart of Colombo. This is a fine piece of architectural wonder. This red mosque was the landmark for the approach sailors to Colombo port since 1908. This is also known as rathu pallia in Sinhala and Tamil people known this as saman kottu pallia. Tourist women can visit this place and make sure to covers their arms and legs to respect religious beliefs. This is a fine piece of art surrounded by the busy markets and bazaars.

Sigiriya Eight Wonder of the world in Srilanka

Sigiriya is a really wonderful place. There is no surprise for the nominating it as the eighth wonders of the world. Mirror wall and architectural design and technologies were amazing in the Sigiriya. This is a live example for the Early Sri Lankan had good technology. The history of the Sigiriya is not revealed yet. People believe the history of the Sigiriya rock fortress leads to king Ravana. It has a history of more than 2000 years. There are a lot of history and amazing stories behind this rock fortress. King nishashankamalla used this rock fortress as his royal residence.

Cave arts of sigiriya how beautiful they are and amazing technology behind them

Sigiriya is in Matale district and situated between two major cities Dambulla and Habarana. This amazing rock situated above 300 meters from the sea level. If you are going to the top of this huge plateau you have to go 200 meters vertically. You can observe Sigiriya lion claw, Mirror wall, Sweeping stroke paints, and Sigiriya ancient pool. There are a lot of stories behind these amazing arts and creatives. If you are visiting Srilanka Sigiriya rock fortress is a major place you should visit.

Adam’s peak, a good place to see sun arising scenery.

At my little age, my friend asks me question why is this called Adams peak with pointing to a huge green monster like a mountain. I could not answer it but I know the reason now, there is a footprint mark at the top of the mountain and Buddhists believe that it is the footprint of lord buddha, and catholic and Islamic people believe that it is the footprint of Adams.

This place is not too far away from the capital city Colombo. There is only 72 km from Colombo. And there are several special questions you should know the answer to before visit Adams peak.

1.How long is it taking to climb Adams’s peak?

This answer is depending on the fitness of the climber and also depend on the crowd. Normally in the Season, there will be a lot of crowds. However, it will be taking approximately 2 to 4 hours.

  1. Is Adams peak hard to climb?

In summary quite harder due to cold weather and sometimes you have to climb high steps, make sure to take precaution to prevent from cold.

  1. is it worth to visit Adams peak?

Yes, you can witness the sun station, the rising of the sun and there is an amazing effect due to sea waves.

A religious place in Srilanka. There are a lot of stories around this place. Local Sri Lankan knew this as Smanala Adawiya. The amazing story is when people start to visit this place butterflies are fly toward this in this season lot of butterflies appears and they all are fly in one direction. Srilankan people believe there is a God called Saman dewiyo.

Visiting this place is not an easy task, But this pathway is quite interesting. I personally recommend visiting this place.