Is Sri lanka safe for travel

Most of the people ask is Srilanka safe for traveling or to spend a vacation with family, we know most of the people think about safety before spending a vacation or a family tour obviously me too consider safety. Before 2009 Srilanka was not a good place to visit because of the 30-year civil war, but after 2009 Sri Lanka is a paradise for tourist.

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normally people in Srilanka are very hospitable and averagely people are kind and filled with good manners, unfortunately, but sometimes we can hear some bad stuff very rarely.

In 2019 Srilanka ranked no: 1 travel destination by Lonely Planet ( . there is a lot of places to visit in Srilanka like down south coastal areas, upcountry traditional values and there are a lot of beautiful places and can witness wildlife activities mostly elephants in the areas like wasgamuwa and minneriya , there are a lot of best places to witness wild elephant.

in the middle of the country, there are religious places and ancient historical places everyone should witness. let’s see what are the mind-blowing places in Srilanka while discussing safety precautions.

What should you know before entering to Srilanka

As I mention before Sri Lanka is a largely safe place for travel, in Srilanka tourism is still developing but the government has taken a lot of precautions to encourage tourism in Srilanka, There is hot line assistance for tourist 1912. and you can visit you can get more details about traveling in Sri Lanka and that provide a lot of services to the tourists

In Srilanka, there are a lot of natural places you should definitely witness and also there is a very high-risk level, you always should follow general safety precautions and when you are going to witness wildlife such as elephant please follow the guidance of your guide or helper because some time wild elephant become dangerous.

In general, you can witness the smiled faces of innocent people in Srilanka everywhere but you must be safe from scammers and thieves very rarely we can hear some bad news, keep in mind that not implies Srilanka is not a safe to place to travel.

Transport in srilanka AdrianaSyifa Adriana Solo Lady Traveller.


Harald baldr world famous traveler

According to my experience srilanka is a safe and easy place to travel alone even for ladies. Most of the tourists I have seen that love to travel by themselves. So if you are hoping to travel alone that would be a decent idea to explore and enjoy a lot.

Normally you can find a travelling agent very easily, try these links to find a travel agent

lot of tourist uses public transport services. in point of my view I feel you can get a better experience in travelling train rather than travel in public buses

public transport is a safe way to travel in srilanka it may not fall you into trouble. And keep in mind there are some bad persons some tuk tuk drivers and bus conductors may try to cheat you and they will ask to pay large amount you should have a gross idea about prices .

Can you travel alone in srilanka

Personally I have witness there are lot of tourist travel alone in srilanaka and they get quite different experience if your are a traveller I can recommend it is better to travel alone.

So I have witness Srilanka is a safe place to travel alone even for females. if you are going to spend a vacation you better find a travel agency.

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